Are You a Go-Getter who loved 'The Secret' and the Law of Attraction but still come up against this issue...?

Does it feel like money is still your biggest challenge?

Would you like to have more money?
Would you like Law of Attraction to work better in attracting abundance?
How would you like to eliminate the mindset blocks that are slowing down or stopping your finances?

What's Your Biggest Worry?  What Keeps You Up at Night?

For a huge chunk of the population the answer, over and over again, is MONEY.

Even people who HAVE money, worry about money.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

We can help you change that.

If you’re like a lot of people - you said ’Yes’ to one or all of those questions at the top of the page.

It’s truly the first thing most people I talk to want to change in their life and that’s why I created my latest program…

Karen Luniw has been teaching Law of Attraction to individuals for over 17 years - long before 'The Secret' was out.  Since 2006 she's been in the Top Ten in Self-Help on iTunes with her Law of Attraction Tips podcast with over 20 milllion downloads.  She's taught Law of Attraction to thousands of people and has coached Lawyers, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Nurses, Actors, Producers and a staff member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

She is the creator of the extremely powerful QC22 which has helped her private clients to create crazy-amazing opportunities that has allowed them to live the life of their dreams.

light_9-021114-ykwv1The Attraction Mindset 2.yellowinfinityblack 

Abundance Program

This program will give you the recipe you can use in ANY moment to create crazy-amazing synchronicities that bring you greater abundance, change your relationship with money and more happiness.  Just learning & consistently using the powerful   QC22  (just one of the ingredients) will shift your abundance and attraction abilities forever.

But I'll tell you all about that in a minute, first ask yourself this question....

It's Simple...Can You Afford To Stay with the Status Quo?

A lot of people who are attracted to the concept of the Law of Attraction are so because of the possibility of creating more money, easily.  And a lot of people are disappointed when it doesn't work.

I TOTALLY get it!!

When I first learned about Law of Attraction(LOA) about 18 years ago, it was for the exact same reason.

Like you, when I learned about LOA I could see how it had already been working in my life and so I thought, like many, I'd just start attracting more money.

And I did.... to a point.

Like many, many others, I had amazing things happen around money but there was a point where it topped out.  I wasn't getting to the level I really wanted to get to.

I also found that was happening in other areas too - not only for me - but for others who knew and practiced LOA.

Why was this happening?

By this point, I had started coaching and teaching many people how to attract more in their life and, as I mentioned, there was always a slowing point or even a point where the attraction stopped.

 I was intrigued. 

iStock_000004741398XSmallWHY WAS THIS HAPPENING?

Then I figured it out.  Attraction 'stops' at whatever level you are vibrating at.  In other words, what ever level you believe is possible or probable.  It stops at the level where we can't allow more.

Attraction doesn't happen to the levels we 'wish' it would but more like the level we 'feel'.

Now when you consider the whole 'problem' of Money - well, I probably don't have to tell you that most people have pretty messed up beliefs and feelings about money.

Right now, if I were to talk to you for 15 minutes or so, I could tell you what your beliefs and feelings are about money.  I could also find at least one or two that are stopping you in your tracks from having more.  I could also help you to start to shift them really quickly.



Because when you can identify the beliefs or feelings that aren’t in alignment with having more abundance – you can clear those beliefs and feelings out.

When you do that - you are open to all possibilities instead of limited possibilities.

This is exactly what other Law of Attraction Experts say.

What  DO  Other Law of Attraction Experts Say?

mike dooleyMike Dooley - Author Notes of the Universe, Ten Things Dead People Want You to Tell You

“…the one who so believes— not just claims to believe but truly believes without contradiction and who physically shows up regularly will legitimately, or illegitimately, according to her own beliefs, amass a fortune.”   

pam grout

Pam Grout - Author of E-Squared & E-Cubed


“Money is an energy that forms around your thoughts.”  


When you can eliminate those subconscious thoughts and feelings that are blocking you...

- that's when you can 'all of a sudden' start to witness crazy-amazing opportunities, situations and synchronicities show up for you!!

It happened for me.  I didn't have any resistance or any belief, for that matter, about how many people I could reach through podcasting.  I just put my Law of Attraction Tips podcast up on iTunes and thought 'If people like it, great.  If not, oh well.'  To date, I've had over 20 million downloads and it has reached people all over the world - maybe even you!!

I did have beliefs for a long time about how much I could charge to coach people.  At the time, my only example was someone who had been doing it for a long time and they were charging $400 a month to coach their clients weekly.  I KNEW I couldn't charge that much when I started, so I charged less...

Then, at a point, I changed my mind.  I doubled my rates.  People hired me.  I could work less and make the same amount of money or I could add a few clients and make way more money than I was before.  It was a choice I could make.  Cool, huh?


What changed?

  • My belief and feeling about the value I was creating in my client’s lives
  • I didn’t have to get permission from someone else
  • I didn’t have to ask for a raise
  • I cleared out the blocks and installed new beliefs.
  • I changed ME
  • YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!! I can show you how!

What Will Your Life Look Like When...

          • You don't worry about money anymore?
          • You can actually trust that the abundance you require will show up?
          • You understand how powerful a creator you are?
          • You KNOW exactly what you have to do to create anything you want?

light_9-021114-ykwv1The Attraction Mindset 2.yellowinfinity copy 

Abundance Program

is specifically designed to help you start the transformation by breaking through your abundance blocks.




When you start breaking down those abundance blocks you will:

  • ...Change your relationship with money, forever

    How would that feel?  Once you start to become aware of how you’re blocking yourself with money, you will have the opportunity at every turn to continue breaking down the limitations.  One day you’ll suddenly become aware that you think of money entirely differently than you used to!  AND, your bank account will reflect that!

  • ...Have crazy-amazing opportunities show up 'out of the blue' pretty regularly

    So much so, you might get so used to it, you’ll just think it’s natural and you won’t think twice about it.  You’ll expect cool things to happen.  It’s in opportunities that abundance comes.  When you take action on opportunities, money has the ability to flow to you.  Opportunities are bridges to your bank account

  • ...Understand how, in any moment, to turn around a limiting mindset into an attraction mindset.

    Rather than staying tuned into the old beliefs that keep you stuck – you’ll quite literally be able to change your tune and your vibration.  When you do that, you will then start drawing people and circumstances to you that will create those crazy-amazing opportunities to miraculously show up ‘out of the blue’.

  • ...Be happier

    Yup, happier.  Instead of moving back and forth between highs and lows in your life, your highs will be higher and your lows will be higher.  Your ups and downs will actually move to a higher level and you won’t experience the frustrations and futility you have experienced in the past.  Why? Because you won’t stay in those emotions – you’ll know how to move beyond them, quickly.

  • ...Recognize divine inspiration and guidance working in your life.

    Truth is, it’s always been there, we just don’t listen until we get hit between the eyes with the message.  Really, my aim is to have less people getting hit between the eyes and actually choosing to hear and see the information that surrounds us daily that will take us in the direction of what we’re asking for. When you recognize divine inspiration and guidance and take action – you will get where you want to go so much faster than you thought was possible.

  • ...Be a change-agent in your friends and families life.

    There isn’t one person that hasn’t learned this information that hasn’t shared it and seen amazing shifts in their loved ones lives.  For that reason alone, this program becomes priceless.

This will all happen as Karen shares how we block ourselves, how to use the QC22  as well as some very specific paradigm-shifting ideas around abundance.  You will understand how to look at money and abundance differently – how it relates to your everyday life and in very, very practical terms.

There’s no sense in learning the concepts without knowing how to apply them to your daily life, right?  That’s why I’ve added a really important group coaching component to this program that you can choose if you’ve had challenges applying other LOA materials in the past. Outside perspective makes a huge difference in how fast you can create change!

This Program is Brand New -

Here are Our First Success Stories!!

My success story is....

I've had the highest 1st quarter ever in my business -woo hoo! And I picked up some sales that will pay me monthly commission for as long as they use the product - am hoping to get more of those!


What changed for me...

Much calmer and peaceful with any financial concerns I had. Also calmer and more peaceful around other areas in my life.

I want to thank you for putting this program together in such a way that is easy to understand and apply to every day life. Much appreciated.

Denise Semenchuk

Working with Karen on the Abundance program was a great experience. I've tried other methods and have never had the results as I did with Karen's program. Try it - it works!

Darcy Nybo

I am definitely attracting money... simply by awareness of how I am thinking about money and my relationship to money. Also, by being aware of my fears and preemptively "clearing" on anything that makes me sad, fearful, or anxious... it helps put me in a more confident feeling and a better vibration for attraction. I took the More Money Bootcamp a few years ago, and what I like about QC2 is that the tools are SIMPLER. I can explain them to others, and they can see results too. The science is simpler, more in line with how I usually think and manifest. It is easier to remember and doesn't dwell too much on "fine points". And when I'm feeling desperate or stressed, there is not too much to REMEMBER, so that helps me shift faster. 🙂

Melissa D. Schaffer

What changed for me was...

A shift in perception.
A relief at not having to do it all or figure it all out.
A continuing of my focus on being open.
Releasing bad information or ... whatever ... through the clearing process was awesome!

I feel things shifting and manifesting everyday based on my decision to create a shift in my life through this program.

Thanks so much Karen. The program was awesome and you were a lovely facilitator!


Lots of a ha moments. Main one being, It made me realise that everything we knew or experience with money stems from our family and the environment then and external environments, from the age of 7! I didn't think this would have a huge impact on our choices on our lives today, but it does!

What changed for me was...

My life direction
More definite in my direction and choices

Asha Prasad

Karen's approach to law of attraction has kept me moving forward during some extremely stressful times. What she teaches is practical and easy to follow. And her webinars are fun, helpful and enlightening.

Questfirmations help speed up the process of attracting what you need.  This program is an excellent and practical application of the law of attraction that I haven't seen presented before.

Stacey White

Success Stories from People
that Have Learned the Tools included in the

Each of these individual testimonials are from people Karen coached using the QC2 Method.  Their results were a direct result of using the processes Karen will share in this program.

Karen is amazing.  Her law of attraction expertise presented me with the tools how to think and act in a whole new light. Her guidance has given me the courage to smash and conquer barricades of old thoughts and behaviours that have paralyzed me from moving towards my goals. She has given me a whole new way of thinking to look outside of myself. I communicate with better clarity as well my approach to life challenges are met with a new confidence. Karen has awakened the fearless, the unstoppable, can do attitude, passion in my soul.

I am now prepared to take my business to the next level and pursue what was once a dream and turn it into reality. If you are ready to destroy destructive core beliefs and allow healthier life choices into your life, I recommend Karen to be your guiding, shining light.

Elizabeth Densmore
Elizabeth Densmore Office2Office

Karen was a great deal of help in dealing with the soft aspect of my business decisions. It was a wonderful realization that a gut check can put you in the right direction. The clearing statements offered some real and long term closure to issues not within my normal awareness. I would certainly recommend Karen to anyone who has the numbers down but the "feeling" isn't there.

Des Regier
Des Regier Trade Exchange Canada

Karen is my coach and she is amazing! Love thinking in possibility! I couldn't have increased my business and wealth without it!

I shifted and my business is booming! I have abundance daily! I believe next year I will make 500,000!

Nicole Dunn
Nicole Dunn Dunn Pellier Media

Thanks for our session.  Amazingly, the difference was immediate today.  I said good morning everyone and the person with whom my struggle has been said good morning back.  Just a few minutes ago, she offered me some treats that were sent to her by a colleague.

Shift, shine, grow...right?

All I have to do is shift my focus onto the many possibilities out there in the Universe.  I also had some downtime computer work today so I revisited the 5 Steps to Attracting What You Want module and have been re-doing the workbook exercises that I had stopped in Jan of this year.  It all works so fast, it's fantastico!!!  I'm not Italian but it is such a wonderful word that I love it.


Get Your

Year of Wow Started Today !

We've Jam Packed This Program so You'll Get What You Need.

This is How it Works...

This is a 6 week online audio/video program.

Start when you can - ideally on the same day for six weeks,  listen to a Lesson Module that is a downloadable audio mp3 file that you can listen to on your phone, your computer, your tablet at your convenience.  Do the exercises for that week and start the next lesson one week later.

Below is a listing of the classes:

Week 1 - How to Identify the Lies You're Limiting Yourself With

In this class, Karen will cover how we create stories that have the ability limit us.  She'll discuss where these stories come from, how they show up in our lives and the effect they tend to have.  Essentially, many of the stories created are lies that end up looking like the truth.

At the end of the class you will have a greater awareness of how to identify your stories and how they may be limiting you.  With awareness you can create different choices that will lead to different outcomes.  Cool, huh?

Week 3 - Set Your Own Abundance GPS

In this class, Karen will talk about the importance of setting your Abundance GPS and how to do it with Questfirmations.  She will do a thorough review of how to use Questfirmations to raise your energy and set a positive Theeling that attracts powerfully.

At the end of the class you will be creating your own Questfirmations (QF's) to attract more abundance and how to use QF's to set a new money consciousness.

Week 5 - Do the Etch a Sketch - Create A Blank Slate

Do you remember the Etch a Sketch toys from the 60's and 70's?  You'd twist the knobs and create a picture and then when you were done, you'd shake the toy and you'd miraculously have a blank screen.  In this Module, Karen will share the QC2 Clearing Statement and how it acts much the same as an Etch a Sketch, creating a blank slate.  When we can eliminate our stories, beliefs, points of view and conclusions - we automatically open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.

By the time you finish this class you will be understand how to use the Clearing Statement in any moment which will allow you to tap into infinite possibilities to create more abundance in your life!

Week 2 - Money Untruths - The Truth is Not Out There - It's Within

In this class, Karen will share common untruths we have all come to hear and often accept.  She will also share the real Truth about money and start to uncover some different perspectives on how to look at money and abundance.

At the end of the class you will have a greater awareness of your current money consciousness, how you think about it, feel about and interact with it.

Week 4 - Set it & Forget It - Daily Activities that Create Epic Shift

In this Module, Karen shares activities you can use to set your vibration to attract automatically.  Once you set these activities up in your life, you'll be able to connect in with a higher level of awareness that can get you unstuck from any situation.  Karen will be sharing how Questions, when asked appropriately, can make a night and day difference as to what shows up in your life.

By the time you finish this class you will be understand how to set up your own Questions in order to attract powerfully and to set a new money consciousness.

Week 6 - Activate the SuperPower We All Have and Rarely Use

You have a SuperPower, did you know that?  In this Module, Karen will share the final element of the QC2 Method.  It's a simple one, very powerful, yet most people don't activate it enough.  What is it?  Listen to the Module and you'll find out!

At the end of  this class you'll know how to activate your SuperPower easily and often.  Doing this will allow you to connect with the Universe of Abundance that exists all around us.

Bonus Content - Putting it All Together

So far you have learned all about the QC2 Method and you know how to use each of these individual techniques to attract more abundance and cool things in your life but how the heck do you use them in the moment?  Karen will share some examples that you can draw from to create your own QC2 moments!


At the end of  this class you'll know how to use any or all of the QC2 components at any moment to get unstuck, to draw more of anything to you and move into a better feeling space called 'Happy' more often.

Bonus Content - Attract More Money Bootcamp Recording

This Included Bonus will be available to you on January 1st, 2016!

This is a very successful Bootcamp I did a few years ago:

In this series of classes you'll discover:

  • Why your current money mindset is being propelled in the direction its going
  • The Nine Steps I went through over a decade that you can use to shift your money consciousness in a month saving you tons of time (and money)! 
  • What your money puppy needs and why taking it for a walk can change your entire life
  • Your 'No Dough Blocks' - these stop us consistently from living the life of financial abundance we deserve:
    • You'll learn what they are
    • How they show up
    • What to do to eliminate them as they come up long after this class is over
  • A variety of techniques I use to clear mental blocks, and not just money blocks, that have stopped me and my clients cold in the past.  These are easy to use and you shouldn't be without them.
  • The reasons we consistently don't get what we want is revealed - this alone can change everything for you

SUPER BONUS Content - Group Coaching Call on December 30th

Your Bonus Group Coaching Session will be on Wednesday, December 30th.  Time and log in details to be announced about a week before - details will also be posted on the private page.  

During this call I will answer your questions and do some clearings on specific issues I'm hearing about from the group.  This is a fabulous time to put all the components of this course together.  It's a great way to get your Abundance Attraction and Attraction Mindset specific challenges fixed personally my moi!!  I will answer as many questions as humanly possible on this call!!

We'll be recording the call so if you aren't able to attend the live call - you can email your questions in - we will provide all the information closer to the date.

We will be using Zoom to connect with you for this Bonus Group Coaching Session and will give you the links really soon!

You will be able to:

  • Listen to the Group Coaching call through your computer
  • Talk to me during the Group Coaching call through your computer
  • or, call in to a designated number (There are International numbers you can call if you want to use your phone - your normal long distance rates will apply) 
  • Chat your question to me
  • Use your webcam so we can see you as you ask your question (optional)

How to Make the Most of This Program:

 Listen to the Lesson Modules as soon as you can after receiving them.

  Take Notes of any questions you have as they arise.

  Do any exercises Karen gives you for the modules.  Pay attention to anything that is working and take note of that also, take note of anything that isn't working according to plan.

In order to get the absolute most out of this program, it is in your best interests to listen to the calls (more than once!) and do the exercises.  Pay attention to what comes up for you and deal with it according to the exercises Karen suggests.

I Want to Start my Year of Wow Now

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

The Attraction Mindset 2.yellowinfinityblack 

Abundance Program

Triple Guarantee

Note from Karen...

It's important to me that you're completely happy with the program.  I do have requirements of you - you see, I want to hold you to your investment in yourself.

What kind of coach would I be if I didn't make sure you actually used the program?  This is not about making a guarantee harder to get but to make sure you actually get what we know this program is capable of - that's how much I believe in it!

If you feel this program has not lived up to it's promises and after a couple of questions from myself and suggestions - I would be more than happy to completely refund your money.  That's my personal promise to you.


Let's Get Started Karen!

The Attraction Mindset 2 .yellowinfinityblack 

Abundance Program


Get started today - here is what you get:

  • Six powerful Lesson Modules delivered to you weekly that will share the secrets to attracting more consistently
  • Access to Lesson Modules online and downloadable delivered right to your Inbox
  • Life-time access to the program
  • Tools for creating and attracting abundance in your life
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Ask Our Team Of Ninja's...

  • q-iconHow fast will I see results?

    Everybody is different, right?!  Here’s what I’ve seen over and over again – if you pay attention to the Modules and consider how you can use them in your life – you will see differences immediately.  I’ve designed this program to ensure that you get the information in a systematic way that helps you to learn what you need to in order to attract amazing opportunities that you can take action on.

  • q-iconWill I make more money using this program?

    Like anyone on the internet (and in life), I can’t promise you’ll make money BUT  I can promise that if you implement these tools – you WILL create opportunities.  How do people make money?  By acting on opportunities!  Will you take action on the inspiration you receive by practicing these tools?  THAT will determine if you’ll make more money!

  • q-iconI have a busy schedule - how will this work for me?

    We understand – life is busy.  It all comes down to what you deem most important.  This program is a six week program – so not an never-ending commitment.  The great thing about the Learning Modules is that they are recorded and downloadable so you can listen during your commute, exercise time or downtime….anywhere!!

  • q-iconHow is this different than the other Law of Attraction courses I've taken?

    There is no other program like this because the main focus is the QC 2 Method which you won’t find anywhere else since it was developed by Karen from her 20 years + of coaching people in all walks of life.  She has used this Method with everyone she talks to, often with immediate results.


  • q-iconWhy such a low price? It can't be of value for this price, can it?

    Don’t be fooled by low price.  Karen is committed to giving the BEST value so more people can get the tools.  People listen to Karen from all over the world where this low price represents a month of wages – aren’t we lucky that we live in a place where this is a low price?  If you want to pay more – send us an email and we’ll figure out a way for you to send us your money. 😉

  • q-iconCan I make payments? This may not be a lot of money for some but it's a lot to put out of my pocket for me.

    Yes!  We totally get it – been there – done that!  Karen makes it easier to take this program by offering a payment program.  You can choose to pay in full or make two payments – one now and the second in 28 days.  Click on this link to go to the order page where you can choose your payment – we know it’s important to get this program into the hands of the people that need it most!!

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You are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee

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