Can I Win the Lottery?

Can I Win the Lottery?


Question from a Follower:

I want to attract winning the lottery after my divorce in two months : ) how do I do that ? ‘

We all want to win the lottery, don’t we? Winning the lottery would make all our problems go away, wouldn’t it?

That’s what the majority of people believe.

Hey, I will never tell you that you can’t win the lottery.  People win every day.

However, what I will suggest is that you identify what you believe you’ll get by winning the lottery. Write down all the things you’ll buy.  Write down all the things you’ll do.  Write down all the things you’ll get to be by having that money.  Now, most importantly, write down the feelings you believe you’ll get from having that money in your life.  Focusing on this will get you where you want to go faster and with more successes.

You see, we’ve all been trained to put money before our choice to be, do, have or feel something.

We all pretty much believe that ‘I have to have money before I can have ‘x’’. But, have you ever noticed that as soon as you decide (choose, demand, ask, etc.) that you’re going to have something in your life that it shows up pretty quickly?

I’ve seen absolutely broke people find the way to get money for something that is really important to them.  You’ve seen it too.  Somebody’s favorite band comes to town and they’ve suddenly got the cash when all they usually do is complain about never having enough.  Sound familiar?

Years ago, before I knew about Attraction, I decided I was going on a cruise. I wasn’t making a lot of money and I had no idea, I mean absolutely no clue, where the money was going to come from.  All I knew was that I had a deadline to meet to pay the fare.  As soon as I decided that I was going to go come hell or high water, I got a raise and other opportunities to make extra cash showed up effortlessly.   I went on the cruise and had the money to go.  It was an amazing time!

For all those things that you would like to be, do or have I can practically guarantee without knowing anything about you that whatever you chose – there are literally hundreds, thousands or even millions of people attracting those same things into their life right now.  How damn exciting is that?  What that means is that if they can do it, you can do it too!

When it comes to attracting a lottery win well, you’re in a very competitive arena where there are a lot of people focusing on attracting that same lottery win.  Doesn’t mean that you can’t do it – it just means that you’re up against a lot of competing energies for a limited amount of possible wins.  It’s really easy to get discouraged and believe this stuff doesn’t work.

Remember how I said for everything else there are hundreds, if not thousands or millions of people attracting those other things you’d like to be, do or have?  Here’s the thing, the competing energies for most of what they want is less or none!!  Easy-peasy!!  It’s all relative!!

Forever, Geoff and I have talked about what we’ll do when we win the lottery. What has transpired over the years is that we’ve actually attained many of the things we said we’d go out and do, be, have WITHOUT WINNING THE LOTTERY!!  It has been an interesting revelation to realize that we created this rich, abundant life without the lottery win.   How cool is that?!

How did we do that? We had a positive focus on what we desired, kept that focus, believed in that focus and chose to follow the energy that allowed us to live it.  I know…that’s the short version.  Watch for future announcements as I’ll be doing a teleseminar about the actual process of manifestation which will be different than anything you’ve seen before.

In the meantime, keep focusing on the lottery win and how great that will feel but also, do those steps I mentioned before and start choosing to be, do, have or feel those things in your life today.

For all of these things ask the Universe, your Higher Power, God and/or your subconscious this…  What would it take for this to show up?  Then pay attention and act on what inspirations you get.

Choose to feel those feelings today. Did you know you can feel free today and you don’t need money to do that? Do you know that you can feel abundant today and you don’t need money to do it?  Do you know you can choose a better life today and you don’t need money to do it?  How awesome is that?

Now I’m re-posting an article from a few years ago about a woman who visualized winning the lottery and won 112 million dollars!  I’ll post this on my site and on my Facebook Page.  Hear this though, that was extraordinary enough of an event that it got headlines.  The regular things that people attract (and probably make up most of your list) everyday don’t make the headlines.

Why is that?

Here’s a hint: They are everyday miracles that are available to everyone.



[originally posted February 2012]

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