Do You Slow Yourself Down in Business

It’s the little, everyday decisions that slow down the growth of our business. Don’t think that’s true?  Pay attention to your thoughts for the next few days and notice how much you run on auto-pilot and next notice how you limit yourself.  By the way, being on auto-pilot all the time without reviewing and questioning, limits your business. I can hear you now, ‘But Karen, I don’t limit myself, I’m realistic about what will happen’. Okay, stop it, you’re killin’ me! It makes me crazy when I hear people defending being realistic.  Yes, we’ve all been taught that this is the logical, responsible thing to do. Let me ask you though, does ‘being realistic’ light you up? Does it inspire you beyond belief?  If not, then being realistic is limiting you and when you limit yourself, you limit your business. Limiting yourself in your business looks like this:

  • This is the way we’ve always done it
  • I can’t think of another way to do this
  • This is how I was shown to do this
  • This is the way my father did this and my grandpappy before him  😉
  • This is the best way and always has been (Karen’s note: despite stagnant or lagging sales)
  • It takes this long to do this
  • It’s hard to find good employees
  • Top sales people are always aggressive (read bullies), the others have to adjust
  • My customer won’t spend more
  • My customers are tapped out
  • I have to accept every customer
  • If they’re in my store, I MUST sell them on what I have even if they don’t want it
  • I can’t do that
  • That’s a big shift and scares me
  • That’s what everyone is doing
  • I’m lucky I’ve maintained through this economy

  Get my drift? And, I didn’t even get into specifics – these are pretty broad statements and VERY common.  Are you a little bit curious as to why any of those statements are limiting your business? They’re all statements of ‘fact’ and when stated as so they assume that there is no other way to operate.  Statement of ‘fact’ is ALWAYS limiting.  It limits other possibilities. ‘But Karen, it’s TRUE!’ Yeah, yeah – it is true right now and when you keep affirming that it’s true, nothing else can show up….ever. When we believe that these limiting statements are true we lock that into place even though we might want something very different.  We actually can’t, and won’t, take actions outside of what we believe therefore different results can’t, and won’t, show up. What can you do to get out of believing a limiting belief (otherwise known as a fact in your mind)?  Simple, start asking questions instead of making statements.  Simple, right?  So simple it would be easy to completely dismiss it, right? When you ask a question, you open up your subconscious mind to find different solutions.  When you make a statement, your subconscious looks for evidence to prove you right (whether your statement benefits you or not). Here’s some examples of how to use this based on a few of the questions above:

  • Is there a more effective, more profitable way to do this?
  • What else is possible here?
  • Are there new, more effective ways to do this business?
  • Are the old ways really still the best ways?
  • What would it take to speed this process up?
  • What would it take to attract fabulous employees?
  • What would it take to have all my sales people operating at a top level?
  • Are my aggressive top salespeople hurting my business and my total potential for sales?
  • What could I offer my customers that would be worth them spending more money?

  That’s just a start. Formulating and asking your questions and then knowing how to be aware of the answers that show up is the next challenge.  By starting to open yourself up to the possibility that your statement of facts actually limit you, you can start to grow your business at a very different rate. How awesome would that be? Don’t think it’s possible?  Could that be another limiting thought? Come and join me on March 9th, whether you’re local or far away, I am doing an afternoon workshop that goes further into these ideas and you can attend live here inKelowna or come in by Livestream. I had one person come to a short 20 minute talk and she walked away with one idea that transformed her business.  Imagine what’s possible if we could spend a whole afternoon together!? Smarter, Faster All Year Long: Your Path to More Money, More Fun, More Happiness, More Freedom is the name of the workshop and you should definitely come!  Click on the link now and find out what an extraordinary event it is! How cool will it be for you to start creating the business you deserve?

Best of everything to you,


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