Do You Understand Energy?

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A week or so ago, Geoff and I were discussing business and life, in general, and I said this….

…and it’s true.  If you don’t understand that like energy attracts like energy, you miss out on an important fundamental that you can use to make life easier and more enjoyable.  

Have you ever noticed that when you deal with some people, the whole process is an absolute joy and when you deal with others, it’s just difficult?

For instance, today I went to our vet’s office and I realized that just about every interaction I have there is difficult.  It’s not that people aren’t nice – they are but for some reason, our interactions are just never easy.  Why is that?

The better question is this… What can I do about it?

You see, asking ‘Why’ questions of ourselves usually doesn’t produce the best answers.  For instance, if I persist in asking ‘Why?’, I could come up a variety of reasons including that, like Elaine in Seinfeld at the doctor’s office, I somehow got on a blacklist.  Which actually makes the whole thing a bit funnier.  

Instead, by focusing on what I can do about it, how can I change the energy of our interactions for the future.  

How would I do that?  Glad you asked!

Of course, I would use the QC2 Method to change the energy and focus.  Here’s how I would use the Method:

  1. I’d do a Questfirmation to set my GPS so I can let the Universe know what I prefer next time.  I’d say something like this ‘Why are all my interactions at the vet so smooth?’ ‘How great is it that all my interactions at the vet are so smooth?
  2. Next, I’d ask a question or two because if you don’t ask – you don’t get.  I’d put this out to the Universe – ‘What would it take for all my interactions at the vet to go smoothly?’, ‘What energy can I be for all my interactions at the vet to go smoothly?’
  3. I’d do a Clearing Process – ‘Everywhere my interactions at the vet are difficult, am I willing to eliminate that?  Yes.  Destory, Transform and Release.  Then I’d notice what comes up for me and keep clearing until I felt neutral or light.
  4. Last, I’d go into the WowZone and appreciate how the vet has helped my pooches, especially Chili with his diabetes and subsequent blindness, to thrive.

You can do this with anything and anybody in any situation.  You see, if you understand that your energy and other people’s energy are always intermingling usually to produce good things but sometimes they clash and produce challenges.  If you’re finding some challenges in your life – you want to use the QC2 Method – it is profoundly helpful!

Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of the next Attraction Mindset Academy which teaches the QC2 Method so you can change the path of anything in your life and create more abundance in all areas.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about the QC2 Method and how it can help you – check out my Year of Wow Daily Attraction Journal on Amazon where I describe the process in more depth in the Journal.

Until next time, have fun, imagine and then create all the magical and infinite possibilities that surround you!!


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