Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Hi Fabulous, Wonderful You!!

I sure hope so…What can I say?  I have been absent due to life-changing distractions and I’m sorry.

It’s all good except I haven’t made the opportunity to hang out with you and share all the cool stuff that I normally send out to you.

If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’ll share a bit about what’s been going on for me.  Geoff and I have made the HUGE decision to move back to Victoria to escape what little winter we actually do get here in the Okanagan.  Here’s a picture of the downtown area with the Olympic Mountains in the U.S. on the other side of Juan de Fuca Strait.  It is really a spectacularly gorgeous place with one of the fairest climates in Canada and so it will be no surprise to some of you that I would end up back here.  

If you’ve been following me for awhile (as so many of you have – thank you!!!), you might be surprised when I say that it’s been a year since my Mom transitioned.  The time has flown by and it has been a Year of Many Transitions, Questfirmations, Questions, Clearings and Celebrations!!

My expectation is that I will be in touch more often but I won’t promise that since I am a notorious humanoid (Access ppl will understand!) that loves to be in choice and not in obligation.  I am being interviewed for a few telesummits coming up and I will absolutely let you know about those – so keep your eyes peeled (actually check the first one out below!).

We expect to be settling down in Victoria likely in May and I know you’ll hear from me more often at that point, with lots of very exciting new things on the horizon!!

Best of Everything to you,


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