Episode 58 – Interview with Armand Morin on Mindset & Success

In this Law of Attraction Tips podcast, Karen Luniw is interviewing her coach Armand Morin who has built a multi-million dollar international business.  Armand talks about some mindset tools he uses as an introduction to a free Webcamp he is holding.

Click here to Join Armand Morin’s Webcamp on Mindset  coming up on January 16 – 18, 2015

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Armand Morin Interview Show Notes
  • didn’t have everything given to him
  • initially felt it was everyone else’s fault that I was here
  • tried College – one class by Bruce Castle
    • business teacher
    • recommended Think and Grow Rich
    • got it later
    • how to think differently
    • very shy
  • quit school
    • got a job selling vacuum cleaners
    • came out of my shell, forced me to ask ppl for money
    • did that for 4.5 years
  • WSJ – telecommunication reps – long distance service
    • opened three offices; could make more owning
    • was 25
    • youngest CEO in the world for a telecommunications biz
    • sold for $1.8 M for stock
    • knew nothing – would figure it out as I go along
  • fear aspect that holds ppl back
  • 1996 – heard about the internet
    • desk and computer
    • figured out how to market on the internet over $100M
    • started with nothing
    • I learned that you had to figure it out
    • my thoughts would lead me how I perceived things
  • be your own best friend
    • own best mentor
    • learned simple strategies
  • mirror strategy – give advice to yourself
    • others are looking for validation
    • you would be able to give them advice
    • you already have the answers
    • changing that perspective
    • imagination is the key to succeeding
    • asking the right questions – Socrates
    • what is the root cause
    • third party point of view
    • memories – remember a specific way
    • change the perspective
    • observer
    • instantly see things objectively – truly see your point and the others and
    • when we bring in objectivity – have an honest conversation with ourselves
    • honesty crucial to success
  • Webcamp – 3 days – free – live
    • Mindset – be a better person in less than 72 hours
    • complete process that I’ve developed
    • the way I’ve managed to create and do things have said is impossible
    • change from the inside out
    • you are in charge of your life – responsible for your life
    • how do I move forward
    • tactics and strategies to change
    • business and or personal
    • more productive
    • never be in a situation where you don’t know what to do
    • be more creative
    • instantly to start thinking differently
    • see your future
    • its not complicated – will be able to implement

Click here to Join Armand Morin’s Webcamp on Mindset coming up on January 16 – 18, 2015


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