God Uses FedEx, Did You Know That?

God Uses FedEx, Did You Know That? This reminded me of the Michelangelo painting a bit. This was the email subject line from my friend last week – I thought it was fabulous because I could just hear her voice saying it to me. Just prior to the email, she and I had been on the phone talking about a client that she had been sure was going to sign up with her but she had nagging doubts because he didn’t come through with payment as expected…or so she thought. Here’s her email… *********** Karen, So I checked my mail…..nothing….I had emailed him yesterday and he always responds immediately……..no response……T called the store for the new client – it went to fax – previously there has always been an answer…..so I think, “Wow, they are avoiding my call.”…call his cell phone….no answer and no voice mail…..”He is totally avoiding me.” But I kept choosing to think good thoughts. God promised me 3 clients before 9/17 and if it wasn’t this one then it will be another……… And the Fed Ex guy came to my door ………….He had the check! I didn’t know that God used FED EX!!! 2 things: It is all about faith and not believing the crazy stories that you jump to because the BIG Story is that it isn’t about me – those other things I read into completely!! *********** Quite honestly, I could not have said it better. We tell ourselves crazy stories every day, umpteen times a day. And we believe them. From that point, we act on the belief in those stories and we usually end up perpetuating a reality we don’t want.   It would have been easy for my friend to call the prospective client or email him with a nasty message. Ever done that? Or, what if the client called all excited and got a very curt voice on the other end?  Ever done that? The key thing to see and to remember is that we often automatically overlay other people’s actions on our worthiness or deservability. Can you see how quickly that gets us into trouble? What I see happening over and over again for many people is that they will go to great lengths to see someone else’s point of view but then mix up the fact that the other person’s story has something to do with them. Wrong! Nine times out of ten, whatever someone else is doing has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with where they’re at in their life right now. It may seem like they are doing something because of you or your shared circumstances and they may even swear that you’re to blame or whatever. Truthfully, we all act from our own perspective, we can’t do anything else. In the case above, the prospective client could be in a cash flow crunch and waited to the last absolute moment to make the payment that he promised. Did this mean he wanted the services any less? Hell, no! He could have been doing everything he could to save face just in order to work with my friend. Yet, it was easy for her to feel like she wasn’t good enough and had lost the deal.   Even if the client hadn’t paid and hadn’t followed through, it still doesn’t mean that it was any reflection on my friend. How many of us have said we would do something, really wanted to but then couldn’t for a myriad of reasons, none of them having anything to do with the person or business on the other side of the equation. The key thing to remember…don’t take it personally. If you’re asking for what you want and are very clear – deals will come and go and the ones that stick are the ones that are a good match for you. The ones that don’t stick were going to be pains in the arse anyways and you wouldn’t want them in the end. lol Don’t take it personally. Let that be your mantra for the week! This week in the Live Q&A in Essentials, I’ll be answering questions about Business and Work and how to attract more business, more clients, more money, solve problems  and who knows what else!  You can ask your question too,  just join us for your Free Trial at Attract More Now Essentials.com .  Can’t wait to have you on the call!! Shift | Shine | Grow

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