Hurricane Brain & Earthquake Jitters

Hurricane Brain & Earthquake Jitters             This week was quite a week for us here in North America. Between the devastating Hurricane Sandy and huge but totally non-devastating 7.7 quake on the West Coast of BC, the effect can be seen not only in the media but on social media, too. What I’ve heard from many Facebook friends is that even though they were not directly affected or hardly affected by either of these events – they still feel distracted.  It’s hard to concentrate.  Hard to feel safe. What if they’re at the effect of all the energy of both the natural processes AND other people’s energy? This kind of goes along with my article from last week “How Special and How Weird Are You?” – you are far more aware than you know.  What I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced, over and over again, is that we pick up on energy.  Many of us, if not all of us, are sponges to other people’s energy, especially those that are around us. Something else to understand is that we don’t even have to be really close to anyone to pick up on their energy. What to do about it? I recommend using a process I learned from Access Consciousness where you ask ‘Who does this belong to?’ and if it feels lighter when you do that – you then return to sender with consciousness.  Here’s the thing, you don’t have to figure out who it actually belongs to – remember, stop trying to figure it all out – that slows everything down! Seriously, it is so powerful I can’t even convey how powerful it is. Try it! If you want more of that, come and join me in the Attract More Now Essentials program – it’s free to try and I share lots of tools and processes like this that can help in just about every situation you can come across.  

Karen Luniw

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P.S. In the meantime, Shift…Shine…and Grow into the Life and Business you deserve!!

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