Is it Hard to Find Good Help?

Is it Hard to Find Good Help? If you’re a manager or a business owner, you may have said the statement ‘it’s hard to find good help’. Now first, before I go any further I want you to notice that the statement is a conclusion.  And, if you’ve read or listened to any of my information before today, you’ll know that when we come to a conclusion, we block out all other possibilities. So let me ask, do you want it to be hard to find good help? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I can tell you that a lot of business owners and managers will defend their experience, their statement and belief that it truly is difficult to find good people to work for you.  As a former Vice-President of a local chamber, I can also tell you that hearing that statement is endemic at networking meetings. Do you know that what you focus on grows? If you focus on this ‘truth’  it has no other possibility but to show up.  The reality is that you create your own reality.  Self-fulfilling prophecy and such. The way our brain works is that as soon as you focus on something it starts scanning the environment ‘looking’ for evidence of your focus.  When you come to a conclusion about anything, your focus becomes locked on that reality and your subconscious works away to prove your right….to find evidence. It doesn’t matter if your conclusion about not being able to hire good people is incorrect or not, it’s now been programmed to attract, find, interview and hire ONLY in appropriate people. THAT’S CRAZY!! You might be thinking that.    Are you?  😉  How could coming to a conclusion (that perhaps no one else even know I have) actually attract the wrong people? Weird, huh? But I see it all the time.   You see, we take actions based on what we believe not on what we hope or what we’d prefer to happen.  We take actions based on what we believe. Then, bring into the equation that everything is energy. A belief has energy.  If you’re not sure about that – think about how much energy is brought up when you believe someone has cut you off in traffic…   Get the picture? Your belief that it’s difficult to hire good people has an energy attached to it and is not a good energetic match for someone who actually is a good hire.  They won’t even see your ads.  Weird, huh? Ever seen this between Managements and Unions? Oh yeah… I’ve seen potentially great organizations have such a poor energy around their workers that they set up the work environment to work against, not only the workers, but the company.  What is up with that?  Well, for starters it probably has something to do with the energy between the company and the union.  You’d want to fix that first.    As a result of the conclusions the company has come to – they end up having a terrible time hiring great people.  Hmmmm….. Ever seen one company hire fantastic people all the time? Wonder why?  You might want to ask what their point of view is about hiring.  Or, what their point of view is about their staff.  Here’s the thing, this can be changed. You have to open up to the possibility that good people do exist that are just waiting to hear from you.  They would love to work for you and love to do a great job!  (If you’re rolling your eyes right now, you might be in trouble – lol) First, stop telling your stories about how hard it is to hire. That alone may do enough to shift your hiring process. Second, instead of swearing that this is  just a bunch of hooey – entertain that a different reality just may exist outside of yours.  C’mon, you know it’s possible, right? Last, if you’ve ever had a great employee think about how great it would be to hire someone just like them.  What this does is put you in a different space so your mind can actually start identifying possible candidates.  It also puts you in a different energetic space that makes you automatically energetically attractive to the right candidates. Try those and see what shifts. Of course, this is just a few ideas, I help my clients to implement other strategies that work! Best of everything to you.
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