It’s just perspective.

It’s just perspective. My friend Chris came to visit a few years ago from the big city and he thought we lived in a very ‘nature-y’ place. I always giggle at that because to me, we live on the edge of an urban area. Well, last week we had this bear in our neighbours yard for the whole day.  A pooch chased him up there early in the morning and he just decided to stay all day. A couple of days later, he brought his whole family back.  A family of four!  Well, it created quite stir in the early morning hours but they were all gone by sun-up.  Thank goodness. Years before that, a person in the company I worked for did a PowerPoint presentation outlining the different areas our company was located and again, this person indicated that our area was rural. Really, rural?  He had pictures of cows and pastures which made me laugh. Then I would travel to smaller places and the people there would think that my city was a huge city and waaay too busy for them.  They couldn’t understand how I could live in such a busy place.  ?  Too funny. It’s just the way our brains work.  We have a certain perspective and it’s surprising to hear another point of view.  Are any of them right or wrong?  No.  It’s just a perspective.

Karen Luniw

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