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Life Inside My Bubble If you haven’t figured it out yet I live a fabulous life and it’s in a wonderful bubble. Without a doubt, I’d highly recommend it. For more times than I can remember in recent memory, I’ve been asked by people if I really am that happy.  I have to tell you, I’m always a little taken aback.  Not because I think people think I’m putting on a show (I’m not) but because the tone in their voice is one of hope, longing and hesitancy, all at the same time. Have I always been this happy? In one word, no.  Like virtually everyone else on the planet, I have had some very unhappy times in my life.  However, knock on wood, I haven’t had any of those for quite some time. Do I get frustrated? Ohhhh yeah. But you know what?  Even that’s shifting…. a lot. Everything, and I mean everything, started to shift when I first learned that I could create my life.  When I first learned that I could actually deliberately attract the life I wanted – that’s when everything started to change. What I’ve come to realize is that I can be in total choice, in every moment, of what I want to do, what (and who) I want to let in, how I react and  how I want things to turn out.  This is my bubble. Do you know what the most awesome thing is about all of this? You can have your own bubble, too. See, when people ask me if I’m really that happy, it’s like they think I’m lucky or special and I’m here to tell you that I’m no more special than you are. Now yes, there are things that make me crazy. It makes me a little crazy when people are closed-minded.  It makes me crazy how many political systems (Canadian, American, European and Middle Eastern) take being closed-minded to a whole new level of stupid.   It makes me crazy beyond belief when people hurt others that are defenseless, in particular, children, women, old people and animals.  And well, religious wars on all levels are not even worth mentioning about how nuts they are. Here’s the thing, all of those are drama-ridden. And yes, I know that there are a ton of people who could defend each and every one of those things til their dying breath and they do.  The fact is, it’s all drama and I don’t have to participate in it and neither do you.  I make the choice to whether or not I’ll let those things into my awareness or not.  It’s a choice. Should you stand up for what’s important to you? Of course!  Speaking your mind is crucial for change and it’s also important to have awareness of what level you want to involve yourself so it works for you and your life.  That will be different for every one of us. That’s where I see people taking a misstep for themselves. There is a lot of drama to buy in to these days.  Media and entertainment require drama in order to make money and have you seen it amped up quite a lot?  You bet and many, many people are buying into it.  I have one particular Facebook friend who has really sour grapes over the US election and most of what he posts is about how America is going to fail under the current leadership.  Of course, to each his own, BUT, the negative energy he posts isn’t going to get him the results he wants. I’m pretty sure that his bubble is going to be an unhappy one for the next four years. As soon as we CHOOSE to focus on something we cannot directly affect, we’re at the mercy of it for as long as we choose it. What can we do instead? We can choose to put our focus on something that makes us feel better – makes us feel lighter.  I can tell you drama and sour grapes is never going to feel light.  (or at least very rarely) Ask yourself this… If I could wave a magic wand and have my life just the way I want it – what would I choose?’ Really, do this.  I did and I’m living that life.  I also haven’t stopped doing that and I expect my life to get even better.  Would you say the same? You see the magic wand is choice. Often we paint ourselves into a no-choice corner or we like to blame others for what’s happening around us, at home, in our jobs, in our communities and in the world.  What if you could decide to choose your life in every moment?  What if you could be aware enough to know that you could do that?  How would that change your life? My bet is that it would change everything. What’s the value of making choices that make you unhappy?  What if all you needed to do was start choosing a different reality?  Would it change overnight?  No, probably not, but some things might, I certainly have seen that as soon as people understand that they can choose.  It’s both amazing and immensely liberating. Is there more to do to improve my bubble? Of course!  I haven’t achieved everything I want to yet and there’s still a lot on my to-do list but the key is it’s a pretty damn happy bubble and that’s what I would want for everyone! This week you can improve your bubble by coming and asking a question in the Essentials Live Q&A and I invite anyone who wants to take this further to come and join me and the rest of the members with a Free Trial at Attract More Now .  (you can be anonymous during the calls!) Choose. Choose. Choose!! Best of everything to you,

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