Pull Don’t Push.

Pull Don’t Push.
Anytime you find yourself saying, I’m going to make this happen!’, you might want to ask yourself if you really want to make it that hard on yourself. Now I understand that what I’m about to say flies in the face of regular thinking.  Welcome to my life – lol.  However, I think my role on the face of this earth is to shake people’s thinking up. You see, making something happen, does that sound easy or does that sound difficult?  Even better, does it feel light or heavy in your body? For a lot of people, and you might not be one of them, thinking about making something happen feels heavy.  Now, of course, making something happen feels very empowering but what if you could just put into place some processes that actually pulls in what you want? Does that feel a little different? My bet is that it does.  Now take a look at the triangle below.  I call this the Triangle of Limitation.  You’ll notice that in this triangle a small part of it is given to identifying a goal and the rest of the triangle is devoted to action.
This is how most of the world operates with most everything they do.  We could also call it, the Old, Slow Way.
Don’t get me wrong, we are where are today in great part to this way of thinking and doing.  However, there’s a lot of ‘making it happen’ in this way of doing things.  If you look at the great movers and shakers of the world, the geniuses – they didn’t accomplish the great things they accomplished this way.  I’m talking about Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Ford even Steve Jobs.  No, they accessed something else that catapulted their result….attracted what they needed to be successful. What does this Triangle of Limitation model look like in real life? Let’s look at sales.  The pretty standard belief is that the more people you talk to  – the more sales you get, right?  So the identified goal is ‘more sales’ and the action part tends to create people who take massive action in making sales calls because that’s what they need in order to be successful.  Yes, they have their script.  Yes, they have their product knowledge. But there’s something lacking. Inspiration. Ever had a sales call from someone who you’ve never heard of before who is apathetic or worse, very frustrated because they’re just trying to get through their list because they have a manager breathing over them?  Yup, not fun for anyone. On the other hand, have you ever gotten a call or approached by someone in sales and you actually just happened to be thinking about their service and how much you needed it? The difference is extremely noticeable and so are the results. When you act from inspiration or awareness your results are entirely different.  I have private clients that have double, tripled and even quadrupled their sales when they choose to act from inspiration instead of dogma. Sales become fun!  Can you imagine? It’s true! We can apply this to all aspects of life but acting from inspiration is crucial and it is very attractive.  How do we do that? Do you remember in the Da Vinci Code where Tom Hanks character could see letters pop out from a line of text?  Well, it’s kind of like that.  He was accessing the power of his sensory mind by asking questions.  When he was asking for what the clue could be – the letters popped out at him.  That’s how it worked for him.  It works differently for everyone. Remember how I said the geniuses of all time were accessing something else? This is it.  They were accessing their subconscious mind by asking questions and acquiring inspiration for their great ideas that have changed all of our worlds.  You can do this, too. They weren’t trying to figure out the answers on their own. They were letting their subconscious mind tap into far more information than what we can access with our conscious mind. Let’s go back to our sales personone thing they can do is review their list of prospects and see what name, face or number pops out at them.  Then, they make the call to that person.  What tends to happen when you take this approach is that you’ll find is that you have far more successful calls.  You’ll reach more people and have an easier time by-passing the gate-keeper.  Your sales cycle will shorten. Voila!!  The pull starts to happen and you can stop pushing to make sales, it just comes more easily. This applies to EVERYTHING. This is just one example of pulling rather than pushing. The question is, are you willing to try it?
Best of everything to you.

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