Q4 Frenzy – Is it Necessary?

Q4 Frenzy – Is it Necessary?


I don’t know about you, but I am NOT motivated by pressure and deadlines to sell.

What I see, in fact, is that most people resist this with all their might. And, resistance shows up on both sides, sales people and customers.

That pressure to sell symbolizes what we all can’t stand about sales people. Yet, right now, all over the globe there are sales managers getting pressure by their bosses to put more pressure on the sales staff to drive sales in before the end of the year.

 What tends to happen and I’ve done it myself is you try to make the sale…whatever it takes.  Does it work….not really.  Oh sure, you might make the sale but it’s darn uncomfortable and often it’s harder to please that customer or they return whatever you sold.


 Now, do I have a long-running, successful sales training program? No, I don’t, at least not yet. However, my clients who are in sales and business have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their sales!  And, they do it in a very untraditional way.  Most do it in a way that would make most sales gurus flap their arms and make their heads spin around – lol – okay, now I’m just having fun.  Although, my private clients have done things they wouldn’t necessarily tell their bosses or their peers because most people would just not get it.

 This is what we do – we use attraction. Of course, right?!  What else!?

 Does it make sense that if you’re trying to get someone to sell in a way that is completely foreign to them and totally against their character that they might not be successful?  Yeah, no guff!

 Does it make sense that if a sales person is trying to make an arbitrary date like the end of the year important to their prospective customer that it’s going to create some resistance?  Of course, totally!

 You don’t have to look very hard to see new sales people get eaten up by companies and spit out like nobody’s business.  All because they’re trying to fit a square peg into around hole. What does this do?  It makes perfectly wonderful people and fantastic prospective sales people go into the wrongness of themselves and that’s where we see a downward spiral.

 What if the concept of traditional sales training is wrong? Yikes – did I say that?  Oh my gosh, who am I to say that!!?

 What if it could be easier? My gosh!  What if it could be fun?

Hint:  It can!

 Really, what could be more fun than hooking someone up with something they actually really want and need?What amazing value would you be creating for someone’s life?  Now would sales be more interesting if you could look at it that way?

 Of course, there are a lot people who have no business being in full-fledged sales but we’re all in sales in some way or another and learning a way that works for you will move you further towards ALL your goals, much faster.

 Here’s something I’ll share with you that, if you do it, would start increase in your sales… Ask this question:  What would it take to generate more sales today?

 Yup, try that – see what happens. You think that’s too easy, right?  Try it.  I mean, really try it – ask that question 20-30x a day and don’t try to figure it out – just ask and go about your business and see what pops up for you.

 As I see it, the incredible discomfort that is created during Q4 isn’t necessary.  What if you could motivate people by making it fun and letting them choose it to be fun?  Here’s another hint for all those wonderful sales managers – money and status isn’t always the biggest motivator.  Shhh, don’t tell your bosses I told you that…. 😉

 Have a fabulous week and go out and Shift | Shine | Grow!!


Best of everything to you,

Shift | Shine | Grow

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