Questfirmations – Putting You into the Space of Having What You Want

 By: Karen Luniw, Personal & Business Mindset Expert

  Hey !

 A couple of weeks ago, sitting in my bubble (otherwise known as sitting in my Mini) down at the beach I had an epiphany.


 What the heck is that, Karen?  I can hear you saying that, you know!

 Good question!!  In fact, EXACTLY!!  Okay, I’m still excited about it.

As you may know if you’ve been following me for awhile, I’m a big advocate for asking questions.  I mean, Law of Attraction is all about ask and you shall receive, right?

ask verb (used with object)

1. to put a question to; inquire of: I asked him but he didn’t answer.

 You can’t ask with out it being a question.   When you ask you set into motion all kinds of things.  You’re giving your mind a command to start looking for an answer.  Our subconscious has access to over 400 billion bits of information in every second – that’s a whole lot of access to a ton information.

The other thing you automatically set into motion is the Universe (God, Source Energy, Higher Self, All that Is, etc.) being able to contribute to you.

 So all in all, most questions are good.  Yes, there are questions that aren’t so good but that’s for another day.  One of the main tasks I get my private clients to do for themselves in order to allow them to progress to their next level is to have them ask questions – all the time.  This one thing alone has made a huge difference in their lives.

But there can be limitations to some questions  and that’s what got me thinking when I was down at the beach.  If I’m always asking questions like ‘what would it take for ‘x’ to show up?’ it implies that ‘x’ isn’t here.  If I’m putting out the energy of ‘x’ isn’t here to the Universe – what will the Universe do?  It will comply and ‘x’ remains elusive.  The energy of the state the question puts me in attracts.  If we want to attract what we want – we MUST be in the same energy state as what we want.

 Now this doesn’t mean that particular question is not useful – it is.  When you ask that question – your mind will automatically go to work to find an answer or rather, what the next steps are that you can take.  All good stuff.

 And then it came to me,  I recently had attended a Livestream of a John Assaraf workshop and they talked about affirmations and the absolute usefulness of them and I suddenly thought – what if I could put a question and an affirmation together?!!  (seriously, this was an epiphany!)

 Now I know affirmations work….eventually.   In fact, if you already have somewhat of a belief in whatever you’re affirming – they work quite well.  But if you don’t believe what you’re affirming like ‘I am very wealthy’ or ‘I am fit and thin’ and you’re not – well, I don’t know about you but for me, The Voice starts beaking off at me.  You know, it’ll immediately say ‘no you’re not!’

 But what if we could bypass that voice?  What if we could say ‘How great is it that I’m now so wealthy?’ or ‘How awesome is it that it was so easy for me to lose 20 pounds?’

 Different feeling, hey?  

 I was so excited about the difference in the feeling compared to the affirmation or asking ‘what would it take?’ questions.

 Asking questions like ‘How fabulous is it…?’ or “How amazing is it….? automatically presuppose that what you’re asking is already a fact.   Remember, it’s all about the energy you’re putting out.  Like attracts like, right? The cool thing about this is you can automatically feel this in your body.

If it’s light – it’s right.

 Compare this to making an affirmation about something that isn’t currently true for you – notice how that feels in your body.  Notice what else is coming up for you – do you hear The Voice?  Is it being supportive or is it telling you to not get your hopes up.  (yes, I imagine that was the lighter version of what you just heard The Voice say.)

 From there – I made up the word ‘Questfirmation’ – an affirmation in the form of a question.    Of course, I immediately googled it and saw that someone had the domain name and had written a blog post about it last year but I’d never heard of it before this so – I’m going with it.

 Here’s some Questfirmations for you to try:

  • How great is it that I’ve doubled my income this year?

  • How amazing is it that money just flows into my bank account?

  • How fabulous is it that I get to spend time with the love of my life?

  • How crazy is it that everyone I come in contact with is fun, happy and interesting?

  • How wonderful is it that I have such a loving family?

  • How awesome is it that I got that promotion at work?

  • How delightful is it that me and my co-workers get along so well and accomplish so much together?

  • How beautiful is that we have the best customers/clients?

  • How incredible is it that customers flock to buy my programs/services/products?

  • How unbelievable is it that my sales keep growing exponentially?

  • How fantastic is it that it was so easy to lose 20 pounds?

  • How surprising is it that I look and feel so young?

 You get the gist, I could obviously go on and on (and I will – I’m writing a book now about this!!) but these or any kind of a modification of these will work.  Just create them as if it’s already happened.

Like anything, what you want isn’t going to fall out of the sky and drop in your lap after you say a Questfirmation.  What the Questfirmation does is put you into a different state so you automatically put your brain and the Universe to work to show you when opportunities that can make these things happen show up.

 It also puts you into a state where your likelihood of taking different actions will happen which puts you in the path of what you want.

 Try them out and let me know what happens for you, okay?!

 Best of everything to you, !

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