Remembering…   By the time you get this, Remembrance Day/Veterans Day will be over and the full-on rush towards American Thanksgiving and Christmas will be well underway. I hope you took some time to remember and have gratitude for having peace where you are.  Please know that there will be some people who are reading these same words where peace does not exist in their world – their country. For those of us that do enjoy peace and safety the more we can acknowledge it, appreciate it and BE in it – perhaps the more we can spread that energy out across the world. When I was a kid growing up, I fully expected that when I got to be my parents age that the Veterans would be gone and we would be honouring only those from the past.  We are in the place of now having young, courageous Veterans to honour. The old energy of the past is being challenged in a way it never has been before and it is taking it on the chin and not liking it much.  This is evident in religion, politics, government and financial institutions all over the world. They are not going to go down without a lot of grumbling and lashing out, however,  if we allow our awareness to increase and we acknowledge our own personal power and don’t succumb to the confusion and fear those old energy institutions use to confound us – I know amazing changes will be upon us. What would our world be like if  Remembrance Day/Veterans Day really was an honouring of a long ago way of being with amazing, courageous people who once had to go out to fight for peace? What if, in 70 or so years the last war hero passed? How amazing would that space of peace be?

Karen Luniw

Mindset Expert – Speaker & Coach

Specializing in Business, Money & Relationships

P.S. In the meantime, Shift…Shine…and Grow into the Life and Business you deserve!!

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