Thankfulness = More

Thank You Computer Key As Online Thanks MessageThankfulness = More By: Karen Luniw, Personal & Business Attraction Expert


The fastest path to having  more of what you want is thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation.  

Whatever way you put it, it works. I think that’s why Thanksgiving is a lot of people’s favorite holiday.  So many good feelings (and of course the great food, festivities and family don’t hurt!)

Why would giving thanks make a difference? Tap into the feeling in your body and you’ll know.  If you can become more aware of how emotions feel in your body you’ll notice that gratitude gives you a feeling of lightness.  When we have that lighter feeling it’s a very strong indicator that we’re heading in the right direction.

Plain and simple quantum physics is based on the fact that like energy attracts like energy.  If you want more things to be grateful for, you’ll automatically attract that by BEING grateful.

Here’s something to avoid.  When I was younger, my Dad used to say “You should be thankful for that!” – it usually had to do with a job, a raise or money or material thing showing up in my life.  I have to tell you that there was something behind that statement that always rubbed me the wrong way.   It wasn’t because I wasn’t appreciative of good things coming my way – it was something else that didn’t sit right with me.  It finally dawned on me in the past few years that the energy and belief behind his words were from a place of lack and fear of lack.  Not unusual for many people who grew up in the Depression era.   He did very well for himself and our family but there was always a palpable fear that it could all be lost.

Follow the energy.  Follow what lights you up.  Here’s how: Feel thankful because it feels good and from a belief that you know we live in an abundant world.

Feel appreciative because you inherently deserve all the good the world has to offer and there’s more if you ask for it.

Feel grateful for the light you shine in the world.  There’s only one of you and you have something wonderful to share that will have a ripple effect you’ll never even imagine!

How cool is that!? The world is waiting for you to Shift | Shine | Grow!!  What are you waiting for?

It starts with shifting your focus. Let your inner brilliance shine. Let your life grow into and attract more of what you want! It starts with making a choice. I would love to hear your success stories and hear your comments or questions… I will be responding personally!

Have a wonderful week!

[originally posted November 2011]

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