The Myth of Unhappiness

What if being unhappy was actually a choice?

Let me tell you it is.

Wow! I can feel your reaction now! Many of you will think I’m arrogant, stupid, uninformed and/or crazy. Some of you know I’m right and some of you hope I am. Read on!

Think about it – what if being happy was nothing more than a choice?

We all wait around expecting happiness to land us and like a butterfly, it remains elusive. A lot of us run around trying to do things to be happy but it’s much like chasing the same butterfly. Fleeting and elusive.

I know it can be different. (and this is coming from someone who now suffers the wrath of hormonal mood swings – yes, send my husband good vibes!). I’ve also experIenced my own past losses and challenges – divorce, debt, loneliness, no work, no money and loss of loved ones. I personally know that happiness is a choice.

My husand Geoff and I were commenting the other day how people don’t smile at one another. Trust me, I know that putting a smile on, even in your darkest moments, is a choice.

A choice of kindness.

A choice of acknowledgement.

A choice for YOU that actually activates endorphins AND boosts your immune system.

There is absolutely no doubt that more people than usual have much to worry about, much to be angry about and much to be sad about.

There is not one doubt about that at all.

Here’s the thing – if these feelings are not spurring you forward, they most assuredly are keeping what you want to attract at bay. In those states there is virtually no way for you to attract more of what you want..

You can argue with me and defend your right to feel awful. I absolutely acknowledge that right. However, don’t defend a limitation if you don’t want to keep it!

Yes, of course there are chemical imbalances and mental health issues that make happiness more difficult but I refuse to believe that anyone is without choice in any moment. In any case, this article is aimed at the great majority of those still waiting for happiness to land on them.

Here’s what I suggest to shift the illusion and myth of unhappiness:

1. Get out of your thinking mind and into your sensory body. Using your senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell will bring you directly into the present moment.

2. Find something in nature to connect to – the sky, trees, birds, the sun. Appreciate the moment.

3. Find someone to appreciate, even if it’s a stranger that showed a kindness.

4. Find something in your current situation to appreciate – even if it’s “I’m never going to do this again!”

When you connect this way and choose, as often as you can, you’ll see immediate shifts in your current reality. Your work life or business improves. Your relationships get better. Opportunities start to show up along with more money. I’ve seen this happen over and over. These are just some ways to start, if you want more, check out my complimentary online videos at Attract More

It starts with shifting your focus. Let your inner brilliance shine. Let your life grow into and attract more of what you want! It starts with making a choice.

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