The One Blunder that Will Destroy Your Success at Work

The One Blunder that Will Destroy Your Success at Work “Autism doesn’t define me. I define it” This statement made by Miss America contestant, Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, had me sit up and take notice the other day.   For as long as I can remember, I have heard why people can’t have what they want or have really good reasons as to why they are limited in their life.  This is a huge mistake to do to ourselves.   “I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too tall, I’m too short, I have diabetes, I have dyslexia” etc., the list could go on forever. How limiting are these labels (in fact, any label) to us?  They stop us in our tracks.  And, when it comes to our success at work – it can make the difference between the fast-track to the top and failure. I made the determination in one of my jobs that I was too new to step into the newly formed management role and gave up the opportunity to someone else.  Did this make create more success in my career path?  Probably not.  I have no regrets but I wouldn’t make that choice again in a million years. What story are you telling yourself? What label are you putting on yourself – true or untrue? What would it take to blow that idea to smithereens? See, you could be like the beauty queen with autism and define your label as something that gives you strength. Or, you could actually believe the bulls*@% and let it be the reason why you don’t have more fun at work, or why you don’t make more money in your job, or why you don’t get the respect you deserve, or why you’re not actually doing what you really would love to be doing. It’s your choice. And, to be absolutely clear – it is a choice. So, what would it take be doing the work you really love and getting paid what you’re worth? What would you have to believe about yourself? How would you have to define yourself to have the absolute success you deserve NOW? Try this on:    
Old Way of Limiting Yourself New Way of Defining Yourself
I’m going to stay under the radar and stay out of trouble I am brilliant at what I do.
I’ll be lucky if I get a raise this year I bring so much to this role that it’s time to be asking for an increase (in responsibility; in money; in scope; in autonomy…)
I’ll never be able to do that I can do anything I set my mind to.(Karen’s favourite: ‘If it ain’t rocket science, I can figure it out!)
If I were that good they would recognize me. I need to recognize how good I am at what I do and ask for what I want.
  For the next week, start paying attention to how you think limit your possibilities at work.  Pay attention to how you judge yourself and when you do notice – do a complete 180 and turn your judgment around to something positive.  Don’t be hard on yourself about this – have fun with it.  Ask yourself – where did I get a silly idea like that (the negative one) and know that if makes you feel badly – it’s not the truth about you – EVER! Will you let me know how this goes for you, Come join us this Wednesday to discuss this more on the Essentials Live Q&A where I’ll be taking questions about Work issues (it’s a free 2 week trial).  These can be lively discussions and it would be great to have you on the call!   Best of everything to you,

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