Two Minute Tidbit – Loss – A Delicate Subject

Hope you are having a spectaclar day!! Loss is fact of life for all of us and for some it can stop them in their tracks and others seem to handle it with grace. Why am I talking about this today when I usually talk about attracting more of what we want? Recently I have had an unprecedented number of friends and clients that have experienced a loss of one kind or another and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my ideas of how to move through it with greater ease.  

Think you could use more of this kind of useful tips to help you attract more easily? 

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This past week I went into this topic a little more in-depth and used the Smarter, Faster Clearing to shift any mental blocks we may have ever picked up around the topic of loss.  It was a great call and you can download it and listen to it anytime – just sign up for your Free Trial Membership at


Until next time – Shift | Shine | Grow!!

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