Want More Abundance in 2015?

Hi Wonderful!

Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

Let me ask you, as you think about 2015, do you think it’s time to have more abundance?  

Abundance means different things to different people, but for you , is it time to change your relationship with money, love, work and attract more?  What would that mean to you and your loved ones?  

I’d like to personally coach you to HAVE MORE (at the most affordable price you’ll ever see from me).  

You may have noticed me talking about the  throughout the Fall including your latest podcast, Why Does the Opposite Show Up? and the webinar – Attract Your Dream Life.  

The   is one of the most powerful methods I’ve ever used with my clients and I’m really excited to announce that I’m releasing the Attraction Mindset 2.0 Abundance Program that will walk you through step-by-step on how to create an Attraction Mindset using the   so you can attract more easily, more deliberately and more confidently!

Here’s the scoop, as soon as I started sharing the elements of the   with my private clients – absolutely amazing things started to happen!  This is all about me teaching you how to get out of your own way and allow attraction to work….

For instance:

  • one person set out an intention to make a certain amount of money (more than she ever had) and within a short period of time – she did!
  • another released old beliefs about love and relationships and shortly after found the love of her life and was married within two years
  • another financial services client has increased his client business/assets 8x and his business is getting easier!!
  • one client shifted her ideas about what was possible for her working hours in her industry and shifted companies where she made the same and worked far, far less hours
  • oh, an on top of that she still got her very hefty bonus when she left her former employer!
  • another client continues to make more money every year by learning to get out of her way – she gets bonuses, trips and is in the elite group of her organization reserved for only the top sales people
  • several clients have gotten dream jobs making more money, having more status and confidence
  • another client uses the  to make decisions, first deciding which job to take and then using it on the job which has now led her to a great promotion in a job she absolutely loves
  • I could go on, but you get the idea…if you still aren’t sure this works – check out my Rave Reviews page 

So you might be saying… so what Karen, those are your private clients – that’s not in my budget.


That’s why I’m doing this particular program, this one time, at this price.  

I don’t think I’ve even mentioned the price – with the coupon code it is $97 AND this is a Group Coaching program (this time only at this price) where you can come on the call and you can tell me what you want to achieve and I’ll ask you questions, clear you and give you some specific tools to use.  I’ll do that for everyone that comes on the call and speaks up.  The program starts January 5th and goes for six weeks – all the details are here.  Your Coupon Code is:  attmind

Why so cheap?  It’s my Christmas present to YOU, for being with me on this journey.

Fun hey?  I can help you attract more of what you want, I can’t think of a better Christmas gift that I can give!


AND!!!!  For those who sign up before December 15th –

I will send you the first Lesson Module December 22nd and you will have an

EXTRA GROUP COACHING CALL (value $97) with me on December 29th!!

If you’ve ever wanted to get coached directly but you didn’t have the time or the budget – is now the time to do something for you?  Here’s the thing, when you do this for you, you actually end up having such an amazing ripple effect on all those you care for around you – how could you not say YES to this?

If 2015 is the year that you really and truly change things in your life – you need to check out The Attraction Mindset 2.0 Abundance Program!! (In the future, the Group Coaching aspect of this program will be at least $500 – it will never be offered at $97 again.)

Make 2015 YOUR Year of Wow!!!

Go and check out all the details for the Attraction Mindset 2.0 Abundance Program here.

Have a Wooohooo Day!!! 

Best of everything to you,

Karen Luniw

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