What Gretzky and Attraction Have in Common

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I thought I’d share this quote with you from Wayne Gretzky, our beloved Canadian Hockey Superstar.  Of course, he’s talking about making shots on goal but it translates so clearly into everyday life.

When we want to attract something really amazing in our life – the thing that I see stops most people in their tracks is a story they’re telling themselves about why something will not work or about some other possible awful ramification.

Mostly, it’s a story about their past experiences and mostly, it won’t be true in every situation.  

We get scared and don’t act We don’t take the shot.  Therefore, we don’t attract the very thing that we want.  We come up with every excuse and distraction there is to delay ourselves.  (Trust me, been there – done that!)

In order to attract, you must be out in the world.  You MUST be taking action. 

So, for this week, set your personal GPS and do a Questfirmation about what you’d really like to have happen.

Then ask a Question about whatever information you feel you need to move forward.

Next, pay attention to what shows up – is it inspiration?  Is it an image, a name, some cool thought about what to do next?  Does it feel exciting?  Whatever inspiration, idea or thought comes up – ACT ON IT!  NOW!!

Or, is it an uneasy feeling?  If it’s an uneasy feeling – Clear it out.

When cool coincidences start to show up – Celebrate!!  

If everything feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket – Celebrate!!  This means there is a key belief that needs to be released that is in the way of what you truly want.  Clear on it – even if you don’t know what it is and you’ll see AMAZING things happen!

Of course, I’m talking about using the , if you haven’t watched the webinar I did a couple of weeks ago – you might want to do that – here’s the link to sign up for it.  I go through the whole process of what the Method is and how to start using it.


Okay, I’m not yelling – lol.  I just can’t emphasize enough that something this simple and this quick can make the difference in your life you’ve been looking for.

Anywho, take the shot.  Take inspired action.  Go through the process I outlined.  Join the 3% of the population that does this consistently that rise above the rest.

You can do this.  I know you absolutely can.

Best of everything to you,

Karen Luniw

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