What Happens on a Law of Attraction Blockbusting Call?

If you’ve been receiving emails from me recently about the upcoming Essentials Blockbusting Monthly Call Series and wonder what the heck is a Blockbusting Call – I explain it quickly in this video.  

As a brief overview here – I boil it down to this – I’ve been teaching Law of Attraction for just over 20 years now and what I’ve realized is that it is all about mindset and energy.  If either one of those are blocked, you’re hooped when it comes to attracting what you want.  

I developed a process over the years working with my private coaching clients called the QC2 Method and it’s meant to help you get unstuck anytime in virtually any situation.  Part of the QC2 Method is the Clearing Process and this is how I clear people’s blocks quickly, powerfully and effectively on the spot.  Quite a number of people have come to me to clear their blocks on abundance and end up making a $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars within days of talking with me.  Others come for relationship blocks and come away with a whole new perspective and amazingly, things change after we speak.  It’s quite something!  

Not everyone can coach with me and so that is why I’ve created this Blockbusting Monthly Call Series – so more people can benefit from the clearing process live.  I hope you’ll join me – go here to get started and find out more – Essentials Blockbusting Monthly Call Series.

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2 Responses

  1. Lorraine Markin says:

    Hi Karen,

    Sorry I was not able to make the last call and hope I can make the next one!

  2. Karen says:

    Me too! Are you signed up? You get all the recordings in the membership area so you don’t miss a thing!

    I hope to ‘see’ you on the next call!