What if Money was Easy?

What if Money was Easy?

Ouch, that brings up a lot of stuff for many of you – I can feel it from here! lol

Let’s start here, what if money could be easier than it is now?

Does that feel a little better?

How much do you judge yourself around money, debt, financial responsibility?

 What would change for you if your focus shifted from judgment to possibility?

Judgment is focus.

Judgment is energetic focus.

Judgment just keeps whatever we’re judging in place.

I don’t think you really want to do that, do you?

However, we’ve learned that judgment is necessary but you know, it really isn’t.

I’ll say it again – judgment keeps whatever we’re judging in place.

We can’t create different possibilities if we continue to judge our money situation.

Let’s go back to the Universe as a photocopier idea.
Our outer world (the Universe, God, Source Energy, etc.) will copy whatever is going on in our inner world (our thoughts, feelings, beliefs).
The Universe will reflect on the outside what is going on in the inside.  It just takes a photocopy and produces it on our outer circumstances.What you see around you today in terms of your wealth, debt, finances are all a result of your past thinking, feeling and believing.
If you worry about debt, you’ll get more debt.
If you think you’re not very smart about money, you will get plenty of opportunity to prove that to yourself.
If you think the money you have coming in is never enough, guess what?!  It will never be enough no matter how much more you bring in.
How do you make money easy?
Change your focus.
Clear out the negative energy you have about your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around what money is and isn’t.
I just pulled out a few old favourite books I have about money, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles, ‘The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity’ by Catherine Ponder and Bob Proctor’s ‘It’s Not About the Money’.
As I flipped through all of them, the key message was to keep your focus on what you want and keep it there!

 What if you could just starting BE-ing in the state of ‘Money is Easy’?

What would that look like?

 If money was easy and it was natural to you for money to be easy – here’s the thing – you wouldn’t even think about it anymore.

 That’s the way we humans work!

 When we are in the state of HAVING something, we never think about it.

 Sure, we might give gratitude for it here and there but we never think about it because we are just BE-ing it.

 Think about something you already have in your life – something that has always come easy to you but you know it’s a problem for others.

 Some of you will always be great at having love in your life – you just know it will happen and you never give it a second thought.

 Even when a current love interest leaves, you don’t doubt that someone else will come along.

 It’s your reality.

 There is no weirdness about this in your world.

 For some of you, your success on your career path has always been easy.

 You never think about it.

 You know that everything that comes to you in the future with your career will inevitably work out the way you want it to.

 It will always turn out great.

 There is no weirdness about this in your world.

Others of you have always had great health or a perfect body size for you.

You never think about it because it’s natural to you.

 You never worry about it because you know your body just works.

 There is no weirdness about this in your world.

Did you know that for a lot of people that money just works.

 They never think about it, they never worry about it.  They just know that everything will work out.

 More money will show up.

There is no weirdness about this in their world.

It all comes down to focus. Keep your thoughts on what you would like to choose rather on what is or what you think you can’t have.

 The more you do this, the more you keep seeing evidence of what is possible.

Sure, there will be bumps here and there but our old thoughts die hard and remember, the Universe is a photocopier.

Keep clearing out all the weirdness you have around money!
Come join me tomorrow in the Essentials program Live Q&A – we’ll be talking about and I’ll be answering any questions you might have.
Once you subscribe, you’ll be on a free trial and you can cancel anytime – you just have to ask yourself – what’s it worth to shift my beliefs about money? What’s it worth to me to clear out all the limiting beliefs I have?
Only you know that answer for you.
Have a fabulous week and go out and Shift | Shine | Grow!!
Best of everything to you,

Shift | Shine | Grow

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