What Oprah Wished She Knew at 21.

What Oprah Wished She Knew at 21.

I was originally just going to copy and paste the article into your Tips Letter but then I did what Oprah did, I followed my knowing and trusted that I needed to write a bit about this.

In the article she talks about trusting your path, trusting your instincts and your divine place as an observer and creator of your life.

How would your life be different today if you had done that on a regular basis rather than doubting yourself relentlessly?

This week’s article theme is about money, how could you apply this idea to your relationship with money? 

Perhaps you’ve heard my money story and how I was actually more aware of money and what would make money than I ever gave myself credit.

Are you rebelling against or replicating your parents money story?

I rebelled on every level imaginable and at the same time I bought that I wasn’t good with money. 

Guess what happened?

I wasn’t. I also believed that any idea I had that would make money ultimately wouldn’t and therefore I didn’t act.

When I did take action, amazing things happened!

When I didn’t, that venture would go on to make LOTS of money but I wasn’t part of it.  It took me a long time to realize that I actually had a greater awareness than I was letting myself be aware of and this was something I could totally change.

You see, it was about choosing to change my money story. 

When I did that, things started to change.

What have you been unwilling to be aware of with your knowing with money?

What would be different about your money situation if you stopped beating yourself up about it? 

My bet is a lot would change.

Here is where we’ve learned to function from – we’ve learned to function from a sense of judgment of ourselves as not being good at money, not being where we should be compared to others or worse, that it’s only possible for others. 

Does any of that feel light in your body when you think about that?

My guess is that it feels heavy. For the next week, start paying attention to how you think about money.  Pay attention to how you judge yourself and take a page from Oprah’s playbook and start trusting that you know more than you think you do (and judging yourself as bad, wrong, incompetent is never the truth).

This applies to EVERYTHING not just money.Come join us this Wednesday to discuss this more on the Essentials Live Q&A where I’ll be taking questions about money (it’s a free 2 week trial). 

These can be lively discussions and it would be great to have you on the call, Karen!

Best of everything to you,

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